The expression that represents you, depending on your sign

Each sign stands out something, be it clothing style, tone of voice and vocabulary. You what expression it characterizes?

“How pretty!”

You always admired everything around you: nature, people, cars, clothes, songs and more. You have deep feelings and appreciate the beauty in small things and always express your emotions.


“You deserve more!”

Because you’re a yarn strong and have high standards, you always tell people around you that can do more and advises to aim higher to realize they deserve more.


“Because I said so!”

Once you put something in mind, can not anyone or anything to change you. You are by nature stubborn especially when making public statements and you can never go back.


“What’s your number? You should get out!”

Always make friends wherever you go, every day you create new contacts on your phone and it is possible even to keep in touch with them and make plans together immediately thereafter.


“I’m here for you!”

You have a big heart and a personality protective, so always jump to the aid of others and give them your support unconditionally.


“I can have doing it!”

I always offer volunteer to do things that other people can not or do not succeed. Love the feeling of savior after and love to feel you were able to do those things that others were scared and fled.


“Let me look into!”

You check on anyone or anything, even when you have to go in a new place or meet with any admirer.
Always inquire what information people affords you.


“Give love!”

Your nature balanced and diplomatic makes you an extremely împăciutoare and a saving in many cases. You always try to you make people to befriend, to reconcile and to love one another.


“I told you so!”

You’re always right, or so you think. Most times like that is because you are an intelligent person who can read people around him. Your intuition tends to be the quality you most.


“You live only once!”

Constantly push people to do fun things and assume greater risks. You understand that life is too short to be scared, shy or sad. You certainly practice what you preach!


“Let me take care!”

You are known as someone who solves everything, trying to clean up trash leaving others behind. You are by nature organized, cool and calm and know how to adapt according to the situation.


“Nothing is impossible!”

You’re a dreamer and rebel, you think the sky’s the limit and anyone should be able to turn their dreams into reality. Pushing always people to pursue their goals.

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