Get off at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. And reassemble it

Obviously when you cross the American West, if there is one thing you can not miss is the Grand Canyon.

So we made a jump of 2 days. On the canyon itself, not much to add that has not already been said. The colors are beautiful, and fluctuate according to the time.
But it is especially the gigantism of the site that leaves speechless.

Impossible to make the picture. We gave up.
It’s immense. Point bar. Wherever your gaze arises you can only be astonished (the word is weak).

So, as we like to do the evil, we wanted to descend into this great canyon. We “are not fiattes” (editor’s note: Manu’s common expression that can be translated as “Would you like to do it with me?”).
So we looked a bit and we took a hiking trail that descends 5km into the said Canyon. And that goes back.

The ascent was terrible. And we remembered our descent limit by gambading, when we met people who climbed up with their faces twisted with pain.

So we made 5km going up. Enjoying all the same the unbeatable beauty of the site. And amazing encounters like real cowboys and kinds of ibex.

A hallucinating and exhausting day.

Ah the United States …

Talking about the United States is useless. You have to get there. See this country in all its excess.

We have traveled a little in all directions. A first time, it was in 2012, during a first roadtrip that would take us from the east coast to the west coast. Then a few months later, we returned to the USA to discover the beautiful area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth East and Boston. And lastly, we were able to fly back to Seattle to discover the incredible northwest region.

These 3 Road Trips allowed us to discover the country under its different faces, its astonishing culture and also all its excesses. In total, we have traveled more than 20,000 km for weeks, and made incredible encounters, as the kindness of the Americans is contagious.

And from those trips to the United States, we brought back memories full of head. The arrival in New York and this feeling that everything here is bigger, more photogenic, more arty. Then Washington and its capitol. Savannah, New Orleans, the immensity of Texas, New Mexico and deserts as far as the eye can see. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, all these cities and destinations so amazing, these cities so different but always mind-blowing.

We will let you discover our articles on the United States below, and even the files when we have plenty to tell.

The Grand Canyon – part of the iconic landscapes of Arizona

Majest and breathtaking beauty, the Grand Canyon is part of the iconic landscapes of Arizona. A natural wonder to be believed. Stretching 363 km from shore to shore, ravines plunge for more than a kilometer to the bottom of the canyon, where the Colorado River winds southwest. Entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park can be via the South Rim or the North Rim. The western part of the Grand Canyon, home to the beautiful Havasupai waterfalls and Supai, is also accessible by road through the Hualapai Indian Reserve.
The South Shore and Grand Canyon Village

Because of its proximity to Flagstaff and Williams, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most popular. At the Grand Canyon Village you will find all the useful services, including hotels and lodges, restaurants, shops, laundry, showers and ATM.

The historic Grand Canyon Railway train from Williams arrives directly here. The locality of Tusayan also offers services 10 km south of the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Village has many car parks near the various points of view. In summer, you can leave your car and take a free shuttle bus to the various observation points.
The North Shore

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is closed in winter because of altitude and snow cover. This part of the National Park, less frequented because it is farther away from the Grand Canyon Village, allows to admire the beauty of the places in all serenity.

Accessible from mid-May to mid-October, the north shore offers visitors camping and a food store. You can stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge, a historic and rustic hotel. Other accommodation options and campsites are available in Jacob Lake, approximately 70 km north of the park.
To do

Whether for a short visit to the Grand Canyon or for a whole week, there are a thousand ways to enjoy the visit:

You can visit the park in the company of certified guides, discover it on horseback, in mule or in flight over a helicopter or an airplane.
There are many opportunities for hiking for all levels, whether it’s a one hour ride or more, or a full backpacking expedition.
Rafting enthusiasts will discover the Canyon from another angle on board a motorboat or rowing boat.
Children aged 4 to 14 can follow a program called Junior Rangers available only in the summer. Equipped with binoculars and a topographic map, they explore the depths of the Canyon and receive a certificate at the end of the course. All details are available in the Junior Rangers brochure available at the entrance to the Park.

Accommodation and campsites

For lodging at the Grand Canyon, there are a variety of accommodations, from historic lodges or motels to campgrounds surrounded by pine trees. A tip, to find rooms inside the park, especially in summer, it is better to book well in advance as the hotels fill up very quickly. One can also stay in Tusayan, a locality located about 10 km south of the entrance to the Grand Canyon.