chinese horoscope 2018 – a preview for new chinese year

The New Chinese year 2018, which will begin on friday february 16 2018 , and end on February 15, 2019, will be placed under the sign of the cock and we can expect many general restrictions, indeed it will require for the set of signs often provide good More effort to achieve results in all areas. Perhaps the most difficult part of this year will be alternating the beneficial periods and the more tense periods, these roller-coaster swings will disrupt many of the signs in this year 2018.

For the most proud of you it will be easy to cross this year; You will exert your natural authority with joy and then profit from these productive months to restore order, advance in your projects and anticipate. Indeed, your weak point will be on this period to leave little room for spontaneity while trying to always control everything.

Despite this rigidity, however, this year 2018 will be an imaginative, creative year filled with goals all higher.

The year of the cock will be particularly excellent for the relational, whether friendly, loving or family. Under the air of not touching, many signs will need to take more care of their loved ones, to be attentive and much more present than last year.

And if some of the pitfalls of character are felt, will always be for a good cause, a quest for balance and stability.

Your Chinese year 2018 will therefore be quieter than 2016 at all levels, but not monotonous for all that. It will be the long term that will prevail in all actions, the quest for depth, more sincerity also and especially sustainability.

Rat Heart Side, your 2018 Chinese horoscope will be cleared and you should not encounter any major concerns. You will not hesitate in the first months to say out loud what you think and if it hurts at first, it will remove the veil on what you really think. Whether you are a couple or single, you will announce the color. And it will work! You will be very surrounded throughout this year 2018 Rat, your relationships will be truer, deeper, in total agreement with yourself and your search for authenticity.

Personal projects will be honored, whatever your research, this summer 2018 will bring you much more than you hope and the other months will not be left behind.

The only downside will be your lack of recurring setback; You will not always take the time to analyze sufficiently upstream and you will pack very often. If you want your relationships to flourish, take the time to build; Do not go too fast and listen to your inner voice, it will be your best ally.
Professional Climate of Your Year of the Rooster 2018 Rat Sign

In the Rat work, your 2018 Chinese horoscope looks promising and you will not miss any opportunities. This will allow you to consider new goals and if some may seem idealized at first, you will have the art and how to make each realistic by your know-how and skills. Your way of thinking, considering situations and planning events will be your best assets, especially on the spring and summer of 2018 rat, and this will be the time for you to take some risks to achieve your goals.

If you vegetate in a path that is not actually yours, this year of cock 2018 opens you doors and gives you the opportunity to flourish. Know thoroughly, dig, search, do not hesitate to leave the beaten path; It is not reassuring security that will bring you the most but your originality. Those who will be able to surpass themselves, those who will know how to measure their temerity and their determination will have all the chances to make a nice professional turn during this year 2018 Rat. Also check this facebook page with lots of informations about this subject.

Financial Climate of Your Year of the Rooster 2018 Rat Sign

Your Rat finances, for your 2018 Chinese horoscope will be protected and you yourself will know how to adapt to the situation. You will anticipate, budget, make a forecast that will reassure you and will allow you to mitigate expenses while still enjoying you.

Indeed, the autumn will bring you expenses that you can not escape, but you will have largely planned to not destabilize your Rat accounts. Summer 2018 promotes unexpected or non-regular cash flows and if you have important financial projects, it will be the best time to launch them.

Be careful, however, that you do not want to direct and plan, you will eventually get sick if you hope to control everything. Make the most of the unexpected and let you live more.
Your form during your year of the rooster 2018 sign of the rat

In a word Rat, your Chinese horoscope 2018 will be shared, and you will have to spare yourself to keep the distance. You will have moments when you will feel invincible, and months more mitigated, more tiring when the least effort will be difficult. Despite all the atmosphere will be good and you will not lack support in the most delicate moments.

Watch Rat, not to be too intransigent, your dark side can play you a few laps if you do not care and in these cases, listen to your entourage, those who love you and do not take for cash this That others will say. All will not be good advice, some people will want to put you in the wheel and you will have interest then to trust you and listen to you before anything else.

Annual horoscope guide for passioned

In 2017 you have to enjoy the present! This period promises many changes and you will have many premieres. There will not be a flower in your ear, but you can not even expect the worst. You will have the chance to accomplish something that can change your life definitively, giving you a better status, along with more comfort, which you are fond of. Not all Capricorns will operate to the full potential in 2017, but some of them may find themselves in inappropriate situations at a time and place not at all appropriate. Apart from synchronization, the other issues are up to you. In addition, even if you do not succeed in the first, similar opportunities will emerge so you can take your revenge. The annual horoscope is mounting to be a greta year for capricorns.

Your life will be divided into two separate periods: before and after 2017, because it will surely be a memorable year. You will have internal and external transformations, but do not trouble yourself, even if you will sometimes feel empty and marginalized. It is natural, given that you will set a stage in life and you will prepare yourself for one that you do not know what you reserve. You will, however, have to think twice before making a decision, and you will have to weigh the options well. Analyze, plan and systematize, even if you feel the need to act for the moment. Do not take risks without preparing yourself well in advance. In the first half of the year, by June, Capricorns will have a clear and active period. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the new contacts and opportunities that emerged during the first months of the year. Do not rush, however, to make decisions! The more business partners assume most of their responsibility, the better your chances of winning. There may be thoughts about a sentimental separation, but this is not the case. Rather, you might want to make a point of friendship or business partnership. Whatever it is, it’s not worth worrying about. You’d rather concentrate on your potential. Prepare to feel new emotions by the summer of 2017. The sentimental plan will not be a priority for you, but you will have many events in this area. In the second half of the year, as of September, Capricorns will face a less brilliant period, somewhat devoid of dynamism, but not just passive. Your priorities will remain the same. Your attention will be on every sphere of everyday life.

What is astrology?

This is a very difficult question because there are many types of astrology: European, Chinese, Vedic, Arboric, and all sorts of other types. A complete list can be found on the wiki page.

The basic concept, however, is to study the influence of the day, place and time of birth on the destiny of the individual. In the European zodiac (the best known to us) this influence is given by the planets of the solar system and their movement through the universe. From these influences, astrologers say they can deduce when you have better or worse days when you get money or when you will go well in love.

Forces of nature

Suppose that these forces of nature even influence us. What would they be? Planets in the solar system are just pieces of ice, metal, stone, or gaseous giants. Superb and fascinating, but that’s all. Science has so far discovered 4 forces that govern the universe:

The weak force
Strong strength

The latter two effects only on subatomic atoms and particles, and there is no conclusive evidence that they would affect us at the macro level, so we only remain with gravity and electromagnetism.


We know quite a lot about gravity and how it works at the scale of the solar system. The more an object is bigger the gravity is stronger and the closer it gets, the more it affects you.

Why is the distance important? For, for example, Jupiter is 2500 times the Moon but it’s 1500 times farther than the Moon when she’s at the perigee (the smallest distance from Earth). If the distance was not of greater importance than the mass in perceiving gravity, we would rotate around Jupiter and just around the Sun. At the same time, it means that the gravity of the Moon has a greater influence on the Earth than any other planet in the solar system or the whole Universe. Does this happen in the horoscope? Not.


Gravity depends on distance and mass, and electromagnetism depends on electrical charge and distance. However, most planets do not have an electrical charge. Therefore, Neptune could not see us with some electric charges, because it does not have them.

Some planets, however, have a magnetic field. Jupiter has a huge magnetic field, but it is far too far to affect us. On the other hand, the Sun is the largest source of electromagnetism in the solar system and it really affects us. Solar explosions have real effects on the Earth, interacting with electrical systems. We can always expect to have no current and the cause of a solar explosion, but it will never happen to find that the source of an electromagnetic field is Mars.

Libra Astrology 2018 in canyonlands

For the entire sign, Venus, the regent planet of Libra, will make a long passage in the sign of Aries, the 7th solar house, from 3 February to 6 June, with a marked influence on the first half of the year. Not only, the conjunction Sun-Venus of March 23 on the 5th.

The seventh solar house – outside the individual ascendant – is that of the outside world, the associative life, the contract in the broad sense [social, or private: bond, couple], in short the search and the conclusion of a bond, An agreement, a contract, this sector of existence will be strongly updated during this annual cycle.

But because of the presence of Jupiter in Libra until October 10th 2018, of its different phases in tension [Jupiter-Pluto square] or in harmony [sextil Jupiter-Saturn] and Uranus in Aries [opposition Jupiter- Uranus], the conclusion and the consequences of the passage from Venus to Aries [February to June] will not be similar for all, and already because of the birth theme of each one, according to the disposition of the planets, besides the identification of the degree of the decans [Sun], thus:

– For the natives of the 1st decan, a priori the long passage of Venus in the sign of Aries participates more of an advantage in the conclusion of a social contract [career, business, real estate] or private [encounter, A sentimental bond in an engagement], because there are no other “slow” or compelling global planetary phases; A priori therefore, but the theme of personal birth may invalidate this venusian tendency [Venus] conciliating, and then we will have to see an attempt to go to an agreement, a contract, but not necessarily an effective realization …

In the same sense [the active] the Sun-Mars conjunction of July 27 in the sign of the Lion [4 °] augurs well for the manifestation of a support, as well as for the promotion of a project. But here again we refer to the personal theme, especially since on December 20, 2018 Saturn in Capricorn will form a square to the Sun of the natives of the first two days of the decan: a “limitation”.

– For the natives of the 2nd decan, if the positive influences [Venus, Mars] indicated for the whole sign remain relevant, the impact of the Jupiter-Pluton series [previous 2016: November 25, March 30, August 4, 2018] is at the forefront of their annual cycle, when it would not be the suddenness of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of December 26, 2016 on the 20th Libra [born the last five days Of decan].

The complexity of the phases involved, of the order of tension, of division, not to say dissolution or even break-up, is likely to confront you at an uncomfortable period, at least from 25 March to 21 August, the plot of the year being played there.

For some it will be only a space for settling a real estate issue [buy / sell] or a move; For others, the home may be questioned [separation], or an inheritance may become complicated; Any influence that can then be negotiated in November, or extend beyond the 2018 cycle.

Note that litigation, trials, are not rare under such a sky.

In addition to the influence of Venus (February-June), which encourages a meeting, the complex and combined influences of Jupiter-Pluton-Uranus do not presage an acquired balance, but the energies in question do not exclude Live a bond with the rhythm of “passion”; it’s already that.

– For the natives of the 3rd decan, the main influence on your annual sky is the opposition Uranus-Sun of birth, which sweeps the 20-28-25 ° of the opposite sign, Aries, with a series Of opposition Jupiter-Uranus [Aries / Libra], on 26 December 2016 [20 ° 33 ‘], 3 March [22 °], 28 September [27 °], enough to fill a good part of the year!

With such a Uranus, a change is in the air, whether it comes from an unexpected or you provoke it. In any case, it will be difficult for you to maintain the status quo under such an annual sky. You benefit, however, from Saturn’s sextil, which is in the [celestial] trine of Uranus: an adapted change [or negotiated departure], reflected, a progress, will most often be the case, and most desirable. On the other hand, challenge yourself for a change for change, because then it would be unsuitable.

On the heart side, it takes far less than a series of Jupiter-Uranus oppositions to explode a couple, and this will be the case for some of you; Others will prefer to take a step back, Saturn helping. But if the sentimental life can be animated during the year, especially in spring and summer, the balance remains fragile.

Astrology lessons 2017 in canyonlands national park

Free advanced astrology courses are very rare on canyonlands national park. This site is therefore aimed at the modest income, the unemployed, all the people who do not have the means to accede to this science which could allow to know more about their present situation. The introduction is accessible to all. The following courses will be accessible only to subscribers of the newsletter.

The word “zodiac” comes from the Greek word zodiakos, “circle of small animals”, from zodiaion, diminutive of zoon: “animal”. This name comes from the fact that all the constellations of the zodiac include living creatures.

It is difficult to trace back to the sources of astrology but we can estimate it at 8000 BC, thanks to the discovery of ephemerides engraved on steles.

It is to the Sumero-Babylonians that we owe progress in the knowledge of the zodiac; They made a first distribution of the fixed stars in the zodiac. The constellations are at the origin of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Most animal figures were borrowed from the Babylonians to be dressed by Greek clothes borrowed from their mythology. Related to the symbolism of nature, they also represent the cycle of the seasons ??

History of each sign

The Aries figure the ancient peoples of shepherds who leave the herds at the return of spring.

Taurus appears in the heart of spring, when the light floods nature and the earth is fertile, it comes from the cattle breeders of Asia Minor.
The Gemini is symbolized by two characters whose description of a two-headed dragon is found in ancient texts. It is the end of spring, the beginning of summer between these two seasons the Gemini hesitates, hence its double nature.

Cancer marks the beginning of summer, when the sun is at the zenith, where the fruits are ripe and the animals are lounging. By analogy, the crab that symbolizes this sign, bathed in diffuse sensations for whom time does not count and a certain indolence cradles.

The Virgin is the link between two seasons; it is the Goddess of fertility that is prayed at the end of summer, when the days diminish and the hour of the last harvest sounds.
The Libra which marks the autumnal equinox, when the length of days is equivalent to that of the nights corresponds to the merchant “balance” of the first great cities of Mesopotamia. That is why this axis of horizontal opposition is symbolized by a balance with its two plates.

The animal Scorpion dreaded by the Babylonians for these deadly stings, comes with the nights, the cold, the silence that wins nature, the vegetation that decomposes, the season of the dead ??
Sagittarius marks the transition from late autumn to the beginning of winter. The time when nature is calming, the sky is confounded with the earth. In this image, it is symbolized by the centaur, half-horse, in its lower part, half man, in its upper part, bending a bow towards the sky.

Capricorn marks the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Nature is arid, skeletal trees, earth is hard, animals hibernate, silence is made, everything seems suspended ?? Only the goat which symbolizes the sign and the rocky isolations of ancient Greece, climbs still steeper slopes by the north face.
Aquarius carries the amphora of the rainy season that brings the floods.

Pisces concluded the wheel of the zodiac. Everything ends and everything begins again. In nature, everything is still diffuse but life comes back. This is the time of spawning in the rivers.

2017 is already here and as every year some signs will be at the top of the podium while others will have to wait to see their desires and their projects come true.

The big winners of the change and the realization will be for this year 2017 the Virgins, Gemini and Sagittarians who will see their love life take a very committed turn with to the key serious projects and a sentimental domain omnipresent throughout this new year! As reference for this website we used the informations from Free Astrology Year Report website.

The beginning of the astral year a little slow but important

The Balances and Rams will not be outdone either, even if some of you will have a somewhat dusty start to the year, starting in March you will make friends with the stars that will give you a serious blow Of thumb to achieve you!

But everyone knows that love and fresh water are not lived and the Balances, Aquariums and Lions will have understood this by giving in 2017 an absolute priority to their professional achievements! Also very important professionally year with great decisions to take for the natives of Capricorn, Scorpions and Bulls!

Movements changes and desire for a new life!

Challenges, new start, need to change the air professionally, this is what awaits you on this year 2017. The Virgins and the Capricorns will take very seriously in hand their year 2017 where the stars will offer them on a plateau, lucky, An astral conjuncture of the most favorable!

So you will have understood friends of the zodiac, it is a detonating year that will allow many of you to leave to new horizons, to build but also to be able to give to an already existing situation energies brighter and more Positive.

The expression that represents you, depending on your sign

Each sign stands out something, be it clothing style, tone of voice and vocabulary. You what expression it characterizes?

“How pretty!”

You always admired everything around you: nature, people, cars, clothes, songs and more. You have deep feelings and appreciate the beauty in small things and always express your emotions.


“You deserve more!”

Because you’re a yarn strong and have high standards, you always tell people around you that can do more and advises to aim higher to realize they deserve more.


“Because I said so!”

Once you put something in mind, can not anyone or anything to change you. You are by nature stubborn especially when making public statements and you can never go back.


“What’s your number? You should get out!”

Always make friends wherever you go, every day you create new contacts on your phone and it is possible even to keep in touch with them and make plans together immediately thereafter.


“I’m here for you!”

You have a big heart and a personality protective, so always jump to the aid of others and give them your support unconditionally.


“I can have doing it!”

I always offer volunteer to do things that other people can not or do not succeed. Love the feeling of savior after and love to feel you were able to do those things that others were scared and fled.


“Let me look into!”

You check on anyone or anything, even when you have to go in a new place or meet with any admirer.
Always inquire what information people affords you.


“Give love!”

Your nature balanced and diplomatic makes you an extremely împăciutoare and a saving in many cases. You always try to you make people to befriend, to reconcile and to love one another.


“I told you so!”

You’re always right, or so you think. Most times like that is because you are an intelligent person who can read people around him. Your intuition tends to be the quality you most.


“You live only once!”

Constantly push people to do fun things and assume greater risks. You understand that life is too short to be scared, shy or sad. You certainly practice what you preach!


“Let me take care!”

You are known as someone who solves everything, trying to clean up trash leaving others behind. You are by nature organized, cool and calm and know how to adapt according to the situation.


“Nothing is impossible!”

You’re a dreamer and rebel, you think the sky’s the limit and anyone should be able to turn their dreams into reality. Pushing always people to pursue their goals.

Horoscopes: How much do you believe in horoscopes, depending on sign

Cancer natives live their lives according to the stars, the Virgin do not want to know about the horoscope and the Gemini choose their friends based on your zodiac sign are born. Do you believe in horoscopes?
You are contemplative, inward, meditative, religious and even mystical. You live your life according to horoscopes.
There is no doubt: blindly believe in horoscope and you rely on it at any step.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
For you, the horoscope is like did not exist and I love to do all sorts of speculation.

If you start a relationship with someone you care less what sign is born, as long as you get along great.

You have no business with horoscopes, because you know best that negative situations are a consequence of ill-planned or organized events, not the fault of the stars poorly positioned.

You rely more on what you dispute: intelligence, logic, insight, reasoning, calculations and less on horoscope.

When you can not find solution to a problem, it is very easy to throw blame the stars, the horoscope.

That’s because it is better than to take all the blame, even if it is, indeed, solely yours.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Do you believe in horoscopes, but that does not mean you leave the house if you have not read.

It just curious what would happen to you, but not blindly believe in it, that’s because you know you have the ability to change the thread happenings.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You read horoscopes, but that does not mean and do everything there. That’s because you rely more on intuition prophetic you have.

You have a mad thirst for knowledge and a curiosity that can be mastered very hard and they’re learning differences and do not blindly believe in some predincţii that have no real basis.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

You calculate everything and believe in horoscope only when you will ensure that those calculations are accurate.

Do not let yourself be influenced never easy. Also what do you need to have a real basis, calculated long.
Aquarius (January 21-February 18)
If there were no horoscopes for you there would be no loss.

You read it only for their own amusement.

Leo 2018 horoscope – astrology for next year

1st decan (July 23 to August 2)
From January 1st to January 6th, your heart beats only for your loved one, you are “in love” and you leave with difficulty. There is talk of hypersensitivity and even empathy. You let your inner voice speak to you and lead you straight to the enchanting shores of happiness. From the 8th to the 17th of February, there is pleasure to take and to give. It’s up to you to take full advantage of it. From the 3rd to the 16th of April, your friends organize in your honor rejoicings in which all the lonely hearts are invited. From 17 June to 10 July, the idea of ​​a thunderbolt takes on its full meaning, you may have already succumbed to the charm of the unexpected, the unexpected. From 6 to 16 September, the goddess of the heart walks tenderly in your sign and speaks to you about the flowering of your sentimental life. From October 28th to November 5th, there is talk of contacts and meetings all over the place. Fully optimize this good planetary transit. From 16 to 24 December, your vision of love is more romantic, more tender too. You are attentive to the wishes, desires of your partner.

leo 2018
2nd decan (3 to 12 August)
From the 7th to the 13th of January, you leave to the adventure of the feelings with your spouse. From 18 to 25 February, en route for new adventures, singles waiting for a meeting. From the 17th to the 30th of April, it is a question of a thunderbolt, of a friendship that turns into love, everything can happen. From May 31 to June 16, single hearts have great successes, your power of seduction is on the rise enjoy it fully. From 11 to 27 July, you will spend memorable and convivial moments with your loved ones. From September 17 to 24, you hibernate in a gallant company. Venus stands in your decan, life is beautiful., Enjoy these good times. From November 6th to 14th love is at the rendezvous of your sentimental autumn. From 25 to 31 December, your loves radiate a thousand lights under the loving sapin …

3rd decan (13 to 22 August)
From February 26th to March 4th, there is talk of love expansion, notable improvement of your sentimental life. From the 1st to the 30th of May, luxury and pleasure, to share with your loved one but also with your friends with whom you spend excellent moments. From July 28th to August 6th, you will explore the map of Le Tendre with your tender half hand in hand. Your conjugal relationship intensifies, colors itself with a more passionate, more sensual tone. From 25 September to 2 October, bachelors meet the loved one with passion and ardor. From 15 to 21 November, there are meetings to do so do not stay home in front of the TV, go out and put yourself in good dispositions to cross the chosen one of your heart.

1st decan (July 23 to August 2)
From 11 June to 30 July and from 13 to 31 December, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, opens the doors of luck to you. There are advantageous opportunities that are emerging, be on the lookout, do not neglect any proposal. Accept what is offered to you on a silver platter by the cosmos. The sector of studies, training, travel, politics, the media is concerned. Moreover throughout the year, Uranus, the planet of innovation brings a revolutionary touch in the relational field but also in terms of your ideas. There is change in your close environment and in your relationship, original ideas are flying in every direction.
Vitality: to maintain a good psychic and physical balance, practice a regular sporting activity.

2nd decan (3 to 12 August)
From July 31 to December 13, Jupiter, the great beneficial shoulder your plans. If you need support, you will find them without difficulty. Now is the time to put the gum, to position yourself, to see far, far away. Do not limit yourself in your projects, have more ambition. Do not miss this heavenly rendezvous. It is up to you to position yourself and to seize all the proposals that can be made to you.
Vitality: beware, overweight is watching, watch your weight.

3rd decan (13 to 22 August)
From 1 January to 5 October, Saturn, the planet of responsibility, supports you in your professional endeavors. You add more depth, more concentration in your projects related to communication, writing. If you have to make important appointments, you will meet the right people on your way. Those that will allow you to make your desires coincide with reality, to materialize projects waiting. There’s ripening in the air, enjoy it. From January 1st to February 3rd, Neptune, the planet of inspiration, stays in your 7th solar house (couple, association) a certain blur settles in your professional or personal relations. There is talk of reframing your way of binding yourself to others, to others.