Annual horoscope guide for passioned

In 2017 you have to enjoy the present! This period promises many changes and you will have many premieres. There will not be a flower in your ear, but you can not even expect the worst. You will have the chance to accomplish something that can change your life definitively, giving you a better status, along with more comfort, which you are fond of. Not all Capricorns will operate to the full potential in 2017, but some of them may find themselves in inappropriate situations at a time and place not at all appropriate. Apart from synchronization, the other issues are up to you. In addition, even if you do not succeed in the first, similar opportunities will emerge so you can take your revenge. The annual horoscope is mounting to be a greta year for capricorns.

Your life will be divided into two separate periods: before and after 2017, because it will surely be a memorable year. You will have internal and external transformations, but do not trouble yourself, even if you will sometimes feel empty and marginalized. It is natural, given that you will set a stage in life and you will prepare yourself for one that you do not know what you reserve. You will, however, have to think twice before making a decision, and you will have to weigh the options well. Analyze, plan and systematize, even if you feel the need to act for the moment. Do not take risks without preparing yourself well in advance. In the first half of the year, by June, Capricorns will have a clear and active period. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the new contacts and opportunities that emerged during the first months of the year. Do not rush, however, to make decisions! The more business partners assume most of their responsibility, the better your chances of winning. There may be thoughts about a sentimental separation, but this is not the case. Rather, you might want to make a point of friendship or business partnership. Whatever it is, it’s not worth worrying about. You’d rather concentrate on your potential. Prepare to feel new emotions by the summer of 2017. The sentimental plan will not be a priority for you, but you will have many events in this area. In the second half of the year, as of September, Capricorns will face a less brilliant period, somewhat devoid of dynamism, but not just passive. Your priorities will remain the same. Your attention will be on every sphere of everyday life.

What is astrology?

This is a very difficult question because there are many types of astrology: European, Chinese, Vedic, Arboric, and all sorts of other types. A complete list can be found on the wiki page.

The basic concept, however, is to study the influence of the day, place and time of birth on the destiny of the individual. In the European zodiac (the best known to us) this influence is given by the planets of the solar system and their movement through the universe. From these influences, astrologers say they can deduce when you have better or worse days when you get money or when you will go well in love.

Forces of nature

Suppose that these forces of nature even influence us. What would they be? Planets in the solar system are just pieces of ice, metal, stone, or gaseous giants. Superb and fascinating, but that’s all. Science has so far discovered 4 forces that govern the universe:

The weak force
Strong strength

The latter two effects only on subatomic atoms and particles, and there is no conclusive evidence that they would affect us at the macro level, so we only remain with gravity and electromagnetism.


We know quite a lot about gravity and how it works at the scale of the solar system. The more an object is bigger the gravity is stronger and the closer it gets, the more it affects you.

Why is the distance important? For, for example, Jupiter is 2500 times the Moon but it’s 1500 times farther than the Moon when she’s at the perigee (the smallest distance from Earth). If the distance was not of greater importance than the mass in perceiving gravity, we would rotate around Jupiter and just around the Sun. At the same time, it means that the gravity of the Moon has a greater influence on the Earth than any other planet in the solar system or the whole Universe. Does this happen in the horoscope? Not.


Gravity depends on distance and mass, and electromagnetism depends on electrical charge and distance. However, most planets do not have an electrical charge. Therefore, Neptune could not see us with some electric charges, because it does not have them.

Some planets, however, have a magnetic field. Jupiter has a huge magnetic field, but it is far too far to affect us. On the other hand, the Sun is the largest source of electromagnetism in the solar system and it really affects us. Solar explosions have real effects on the Earth, interacting with electrical systems. We can always expect to have no current and the cause of a solar explosion, but it will never happen to find that the source of an electromagnetic field is Mars.