Libra Astrology 2018 in canyonlands

For the entire sign, Venus, the regent planet of Libra, will make a long passage in the sign of Aries, the 7th solar house, from 3 February to 6 June, with a marked influence on the first half of the year. Not only, the conjunction Sun-Venus of March 23 on the 5th.

The seventh solar house – outside the individual ascendant – is that of the outside world, the associative life, the contract in the broad sense [social, or private: bond, couple], in short the search and the conclusion of a bond, An agreement, a contract, this sector of existence will be strongly updated during this annual cycle.

But because of the presence of Jupiter in Libra until October 10th 2018, of its different phases in tension [Jupiter-Pluto square] or in harmony [sextil Jupiter-Saturn] and Uranus in Aries [opposition Jupiter- Uranus], the conclusion and the consequences of the passage from Venus to Aries [February to June] will not be similar for all, and already because of the birth theme of each one, according to the disposition of the planets, besides the identification of the degree of the decans [Sun], thus:

– For the natives of the 1st decan, a priori the long passage of Venus in the sign of Aries participates more of an advantage in the conclusion of a social contract [career, business, real estate] or private [encounter, A sentimental bond in an engagement], because there are no other “slow” or compelling global planetary phases; A priori therefore, but the theme of personal birth may invalidate this venusian tendency [Venus] conciliating, and then we will have to see an attempt to go to an agreement, a contract, but not necessarily an effective realization …

In the same sense [the active] the Sun-Mars conjunction of July 27 in the sign of the Lion [4 °] augurs well for the manifestation of a support, as well as for the promotion of a project. But here again we refer to the personal theme, especially since on December 20, 2018 Saturn in Capricorn will form a square to the Sun of the natives of the first two days of the decan: a “limitation”.

– For the natives of the 2nd decan, if the positive influences [Venus, Mars] indicated for the whole sign remain relevant, the impact of the Jupiter-Pluton series [previous 2016: November 25, March 30, August 4, 2018] is at the forefront of their annual cycle, when it would not be the suddenness of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of December 26, 2016 on the 20th Libra [born the last five days Of decan].

The complexity of the phases involved, of the order of tension, of division, not to say dissolution or even break-up, is likely to confront you at an uncomfortable period, at least from 25 March to 21 August, the plot of the year being played there.

For some it will be only a space for settling a real estate issue [buy / sell] or a move; For others, the home may be questioned [separation], or an inheritance may become complicated; Any influence that can then be negotiated in November, or extend beyond the 2018 cycle.

Note that litigation, trials, are not rare under such a sky.

In addition to the influence of Venus (February-June), which encourages a meeting, the complex and combined influences of Jupiter-Pluton-Uranus do not presage an acquired balance, but the energies in question do not exclude Live a bond with the rhythm of “passion”; it’s already that.

– For the natives of the 3rd decan, the main influence on your annual sky is the opposition Uranus-Sun of birth, which sweeps the 20-28-25 ° of the opposite sign, Aries, with a series Of opposition Jupiter-Uranus [Aries / Libra], on 26 December 2016 [20 ° 33 ‘], 3 March [22 °], 28 September [27 °], enough to fill a good part of the year!

With such a Uranus, a change is in the air, whether it comes from an unexpected or you provoke it. In any case, it will be difficult for you to maintain the status quo under such an annual sky. You benefit, however, from Saturn’s sextil, which is in the [celestial] trine of Uranus: an adapted change [or negotiated departure], reflected, a progress, will most often be the case, and most desirable. On the other hand, challenge yourself for a change for change, because then it would be unsuitable.

On the heart side, it takes far less than a series of Jupiter-Uranus oppositions to explode a couple, and this will be the case for some of you; Others will prefer to take a step back, Saturn helping. But if the sentimental life can be animated during the year, especially in spring and summer, the balance remains fragile.