Astrology lessons 2017 in canyonlands national park

Free advanced astrology courses are very rare on canyonlands national park. This site is therefore aimed at the modest income, the unemployed, all the people who do not have the means to accede to this science which could allow to know more about their present situation. The introduction is accessible to all. The following courses will be accessible only to subscribers of the newsletter.

The word “zodiac” comes from the Greek word zodiakos, “circle of small animals”, from zodiaion, diminutive of zoon: “animal”. This name comes from the fact that all the constellations of the zodiac include living creatures.

It is difficult to trace back to the sources of astrology but we can estimate it at 8000 BC, thanks to the discovery of ephemerides engraved on steles.

It is to the Sumero-Babylonians that we owe progress in the knowledge of the zodiac; They made a first distribution of the fixed stars in the zodiac. The constellations are at the origin of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Most animal figures were borrowed from the Babylonians to be dressed by Greek clothes borrowed from their mythology. Related to the symbolism of nature, they also represent the cycle of the seasons ??

History of each sign

The Aries figure the ancient peoples of shepherds who leave the herds at the return of spring.

Taurus appears in the heart of spring, when the light floods nature and the earth is fertile, it comes from the cattle breeders of Asia Minor.
The Gemini is symbolized by two characters whose description of a two-headed dragon is found in ancient texts. It is the end of spring, the beginning of summer between these two seasons the Gemini hesitates, hence its double nature.

Cancer marks the beginning of summer, when the sun is at the zenith, where the fruits are ripe and the animals are lounging. By analogy, the crab that symbolizes this sign, bathed in diffuse sensations for whom time does not count and a certain indolence cradles.

The Virgin is the link between two seasons; it is the Goddess of fertility that is prayed at the end of summer, when the days diminish and the hour of the last harvest sounds.
The Libra which marks the autumnal equinox, when the length of days is equivalent to that of the nights corresponds to the merchant “balance” of the first great cities of Mesopotamia. That is why this axis of horizontal opposition is symbolized by a balance with its two plates.

The animal Scorpion dreaded by the Babylonians for these deadly stings, comes with the nights, the cold, the silence that wins nature, the vegetation that decomposes, the season of the dead ??
Sagittarius marks the transition from late autumn to the beginning of winter. The time when nature is calming, the sky is confounded with the earth. In this image, it is symbolized by the centaur, half-horse, in its lower part, half man, in its upper part, bending a bow towards the sky.

Capricorn marks the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Nature is arid, skeletal trees, earth is hard, animals hibernate, silence is made, everything seems suspended ?? Only the goat which symbolizes the sign and the rocky isolations of ancient Greece, climbs still steeper slopes by the north face.
Aquarius carries the amphora of the rainy season that brings the floods.

Pisces concluded the wheel of the zodiac. Everything ends and everything begins again. In nature, everything is still diffuse but life comes back. This is the time of spawning in the rivers.

2017 is already here and as every year some signs will be at the top of the podium while others will have to wait to see their desires and their projects come true.

The big winners of the change and the realization will be for this year 2017 the Virgins, Gemini and Sagittarians who will see their love life take a very committed turn with to the key serious projects and a sentimental domain omnipresent throughout this new year! As reference for this website we used the informations from Free Astrology Year Report website.

The beginning of the astral year a little slow but important

The Balances and Rams will not be outdone either, even if some of you will have a somewhat dusty start to the year, starting in March you will make friends with the stars that will give you a serious blow Of thumb to achieve you!

But everyone knows that love and fresh water are not lived and the Balances, Aquariums and Lions will have understood this by giving in 2017 an absolute priority to their professional achievements! Also very important professionally year with great decisions to take for the natives of Capricorn, Scorpions and Bulls!

Movements changes and desire for a new life!

Challenges, new start, need to change the air professionally, this is what awaits you on this year 2017. The Virgins and the Capricorns will take very seriously in hand their year 2017 where the stars will offer them on a plateau, lucky, An astral conjuncture of the most favorable!

So you will have understood friends of the zodiac, it is a detonating year that will allow many of you to leave to new horizons, to build but also to be able to give to an already existing situation energies brighter and more Positive.