The expression that represents you, depending on your sign

Each sign stands out something, be it clothing style, tone of voice and vocabulary. You what expression it characterizes?

“How pretty!”

You always admired everything around you: nature, people, cars, clothes, songs and more. You have deep feelings and appreciate the beauty in small things and always express your emotions.


“You deserve more!”

Because you’re a yarn strong and have high standards, you always tell people around you that can do more and advises to aim higher to realize they deserve more.


“Because I said so!”

Once you put something in mind, can not anyone or anything to change you. You are by nature stubborn especially when making public statements and you can never go back.


“What’s your number? You should get out!”

Always make friends wherever you go, every day you create new contacts on your phone and it is possible even to keep in touch with them and make plans together immediately thereafter.


“I’m here for you!”

You have a big heart and a personality protective, so always jump to the aid of others and give them your support unconditionally.


“I can have doing it!”

I always offer volunteer to do things that other people can not or do not succeed. Love the feeling of savior after and love to feel you were able to do those things that others were scared and fled.


“Let me look into!”

You check on anyone or anything, even when you have to go in a new place or meet with any admirer.
Always inquire what information people affords you.


“Give love!”

Your nature balanced and diplomatic makes you an extremely împăciutoare and a saving in many cases. You always try to you make people to befriend, to reconcile and to love one another.


“I told you so!”

You’re always right, or so you think. Most times like that is because you are an intelligent person who can read people around him. Your intuition tends to be the quality you most.


“You live only once!”

Constantly push people to do fun things and assume greater risks. You understand that life is too short to be scared, shy or sad. You certainly practice what you preach!


“Let me take care!”

You are known as someone who solves everything, trying to clean up trash leaving others behind. You are by nature organized, cool and calm and know how to adapt according to the situation.


“Nothing is impossible!”

You’re a dreamer and rebel, you think the sky’s the limit and anyone should be able to turn their dreams into reality. Pushing always people to pursue their goals.

Horoscopes: How much do you believe in horoscopes, depending on sign

Cancer natives live their lives according to the stars, the Virgin do not want to know about the horoscope and the Gemini choose their friends based on your zodiac sign are born. Do you believe in horoscopes?
You are contemplative, inward, meditative, religious and even mystical. You live your life according to horoscopes.
There is no doubt: blindly believe in horoscope and you rely on it at any step.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
For you, the horoscope is like did not exist and I love to do all sorts of speculation.

If you start a relationship with someone you care less what sign is born, as long as you get along great.

You have no business with horoscopes, because you know best that negative situations are a consequence of ill-planned or organized events, not the fault of the stars poorly positioned.

You rely more on what you dispute: intelligence, logic, insight, reasoning, calculations and less on horoscope.

When you can not find solution to a problem, it is very easy to throw blame the stars, the horoscope.

That’s because it is better than to take all the blame, even if it is, indeed, solely yours.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Do you believe in horoscopes, but that does not mean you leave the house if you have not read.

It just curious what would happen to you, but not blindly believe in it, that’s because you know you have the ability to change the thread happenings.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You read horoscopes, but that does not mean and do everything there. That’s because you rely more on intuition prophetic you have.

You have a mad thirst for knowledge and a curiosity that can be mastered very hard and they’re learning differences and do not blindly believe in some predincţii that have no real basis.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

You calculate everything and believe in horoscope only when you will ensure that those calculations are accurate.

Do not let yourself be influenced never easy. Also what do you need to have a real basis, calculated long.
Aquarius (January 21-February 18)
If there were no horoscopes for you there would be no loss.

You read it only for their own amusement.

Leo 2018 horoscope – astrology for next year

1st decan (July 23 to August 2)
From January 1st to January 6th, your heart beats only for your loved one, you are “in love” and you leave with difficulty. There is talk of hypersensitivity and even empathy. You let your inner voice speak to you and lead you straight to the enchanting shores of happiness. From the 8th to the 17th of February, there is pleasure to take and to give. It’s up to you to take full advantage of it. From the 3rd to the 16th of April, your friends organize in your honor rejoicings in which all the lonely hearts are invited. From 17 June to 10 July, the idea of ​​a thunderbolt takes on its full meaning, you may have already succumbed to the charm of the unexpected, the unexpected. From 6 to 16 September, the goddess of the heart walks tenderly in your sign and speaks to you about the flowering of your sentimental life. From October 28th to November 5th, there is talk of contacts and meetings all over the place. Fully optimize this good planetary transit. From 16 to 24 December, your vision of love is more romantic, more tender too. You are attentive to the wishes, desires of your partner.

leo 2018
2nd decan (3 to 12 August)
From the 7th to the 13th of January, you leave to the adventure of the feelings with your spouse. From 18 to 25 February, en route for new adventures, singles waiting for a meeting. From the 17th to the 30th of April, it is a question of a thunderbolt, of a friendship that turns into love, everything can happen. From May 31 to June 16, single hearts have great successes, your power of seduction is on the rise enjoy it fully. From 11 to 27 July, you will spend memorable and convivial moments with your loved ones. From September 17 to 24, you hibernate in a gallant company. Venus stands in your decan, life is beautiful., Enjoy these good times. From November 6th to 14th love is at the rendezvous of your sentimental autumn. From 25 to 31 December, your loves radiate a thousand lights under the loving sapin …

3rd decan (13 to 22 August)
From February 26th to March 4th, there is talk of love expansion, notable improvement of your sentimental life. From the 1st to the 30th of May, luxury and pleasure, to share with your loved one but also with your friends with whom you spend excellent moments. From July 28th to August 6th, you will explore the map of Le Tendre with your tender half hand in hand. Your conjugal relationship intensifies, colors itself with a more passionate, more sensual tone. From 25 September to 2 October, bachelors meet the loved one with passion and ardor. From 15 to 21 November, there are meetings to do so do not stay home in front of the TV, go out and put yourself in good dispositions to cross the chosen one of your heart.

1st decan (July 23 to August 2)
From 11 June to 30 July and from 13 to 31 December, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, opens the doors of luck to you. There are advantageous opportunities that are emerging, be on the lookout, do not neglect any proposal. Accept what is offered to you on a silver platter by the cosmos. The sector of studies, training, travel, politics, the media is concerned. Moreover throughout the year, Uranus, the planet of innovation brings a revolutionary touch in the relational field but also in terms of your ideas. There is change in your close environment and in your relationship, original ideas are flying in every direction.
Vitality: to maintain a good psychic and physical balance, practice a regular sporting activity.

2nd decan (3 to 12 August)
From July 31 to December 13, Jupiter, the great beneficial shoulder your plans. If you need support, you will find them without difficulty. Now is the time to put the gum, to position yourself, to see far, far away. Do not limit yourself in your projects, have more ambition. Do not miss this heavenly rendezvous. It is up to you to position yourself and to seize all the proposals that can be made to you.
Vitality: beware, overweight is watching, watch your weight.

3rd decan (13 to 22 August)
From 1 January to 5 October, Saturn, the planet of responsibility, supports you in your professional endeavors. You add more depth, more concentration in your projects related to communication, writing. If you have to make important appointments, you will meet the right people on your way. Those that will allow you to make your desires coincide with reality, to materialize projects waiting. There’s ripening in the air, enjoy it. From January 1st to February 3rd, Neptune, the planet of inspiration, stays in your 7th solar house (couple, association) a certain blur settles in your professional or personal relations. There is talk of reframing your way of binding yourself to others, to others.